Hi, I am Itari Marie.

I am not an award winning photographer yet but soon I will be! I am from the United States, New York City to be exact. I was born on a beautiful sunny Friday, April 20th 2007.

I have been taking photos and anything photo related since I could remember so I decided to take it to the next step. With the help of my Mom & Dad (oh and my photography teacher) my skills have grown dramatically. I have shot weddings, birthday parties, graduations, models and more.

My mom and dad have helped me get my website up and all this business stuff. With the money i saved up from past jobs and lemonade stands with my little brother I got fully set up!

Many photographers charge a lot but I don't. I am here to have fun and develop my skills further everyday.

My goal is to one day have my photographs show in magazines and on TV.

Photographer in New York

Not only can I shoot great photos but I can pose like a pro ;)



“During the shoot Itari & her parents were lovely as well as extremely professional and helpful. I am not photogenic, so she guided me throughout the session by showing me how to pose and capture my best angles. She pays great attention to detail, which makes a huge difference in capturing the perfect photo. She also took the time to help me get in and out of all the outfit changes and made sure everything was secured and fit perfect!”